helping the young with learning Difficulties

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What we believe

The first thing you should know about us is that we believe that Learning should be fun! We know that there will always be boring bits but if your child cannot even access the curriculum because they have trouble reading then school, for them, will always be a place to hide away from.

Schools are where the help should be based but teachers have many other children to consider all with their own individual needs. They seldom have time to research best practice and the implementation of Individual education plans (IEPs) is very difficult in a mixed ability environment

Who we are

First and foremost we are concerned parents; Susan is the lead expert having taught for 30 years in a primary environment and having obtained qualifications from the Hornby Institute (now part of the BDA) and most recently (in 2010) a diploma in assessment and education form Bath university as part of the MA course there. Susan is an Associate of the British Dyslexia Association and an associate Tutor for Edgehill University where she is helping to train in-school teachers in SEN

Peter was a senior director in the NHS and leads on the research into latest approaches to teaching for SpLD/Dyslexia/Dyscalculia and in reviewing the national papers on this areas. He is compiling a list of local LEA policies and will review these against the national code of practice over the next few months

We are the parents of a child who needed this type of support,so we wanted to set up something that will help parents, teachers, Carers, and even local government, establish what best practice in assessment and teaching is and where it can be obtained.

Our Qualifications