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What is Dyspraxia? Well it is not as well known as Dyslexia for a start- that can be seen by the different number of sites on the Internet. Most sites seem to indicate that it may be present in between 5 and 10% of the population.  There are less contradictory definitions as well. The Dyspraxia foundation say:Developmental Dyspraxia is an impairment or immaturity of the organisation of movement. It is an immaturity in the way that the brain processes information, which results in messages not being properly or fully transmitted. The NHS Definition is very similar as one would hope:’Dyspraxia, also known as developmental co-ordination disorder, is a disability that affects movement and co-ordination. It is thought to be caused by a disruption in the way messages from the brain are transmitted to the body’

The Dyspraxia Foundation is a country Wide charity, founded in 1987 as the Dyspraxia Trust by two mothers who met at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children. After being told that their children had Dyspraxia they were astonished and dismayed to discover that no facilities existed to help or inform parents and children with the condition. They decided to form their own group to help others to help themselves.

American Paper by the National Institute of Neorological Disorders and Stroke

Commercial Site but  a fact sheet and links to research in this area  for those who are interested

Based in New Zealand with a mission statement stating 'A support group to empower all people experiencing the impact of Developmental Dyspraxia' so might be worth looking at